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Light On My Feet

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Photographer: Aakomon Jones

Dress: Alexander Wang

This dress has the “Mullet” effect. LOL! What I mean is… This dress is all business in the front and a party in the back – haha! I love that this dress is both a shift dress and tennis skirt combined into one! It’s both chic and sporty (and a little sexy too) – a perfect combination; which Alexander Wang does soooo well!

Shoes: Nike ID Huarache Sneaker

On Nike ID I was able to customize everything from the color to the embroidery on the back of the sneakers.

Handbag: Balenciaga Classic Mini Bag

My Year-Round ‘Go-to’ Bag! I am obsessed with all mini bags. They are much more comfortable and suitable for everyday use. I love the black suede version of this bag as well!

Frames: Tom Ford “Nikita” Cateye Sunglasses

I purchased these originally as sunglasses and decided later to have my optometrist convert them to transition optical frames so I could have the best of both worlds. If you are unable to find the “Nikita” style I recommend the “Anastasia” , also by Tom Ford.

Summertime on my Mind

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The past couple weeks in Los Angeles have been absolutely beautiful! While the rest of the country freezes to death… those of us in LA are paroozing around in cut-off shorts and tees! Ha! Ridiculous right!? The weather was so great today my love and I decided to take a bike ride from our home in Silver Lake to downtown LA to visit our favorite food market in Grand Central Market. When in LA, I highly recommend visiting downtown; the Grand Central Market is one of many great places serving up live music, outdoor seating, and all types of tasty food and treats for the foodie in you!




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