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His & Hers: Couture Blazer


A statement blazer is a staple piece in your closet but with an extra edge. Its both a great blazer (the fit is impeccable and the material is fine) and a couture conversation piece (it’s original and creative). I am attracted to subtle yet noticeable details in clothing… For example, His statement blazer –  I love that at first glance it’s just a beautiful black blazer but the unique lapel, slightly exaggerated shoulder, and the sleek European silhouette make it sexy, stylish, and irresistible to compliment. Her statement blazer is also at first glance just a cropped black fitted blazer… but alas!… the mixing of the black silken wool with the black velvet is glamorous, the large peek lapels are divine, and the very cool wrap detail with the additional fabric that allows one to wear this blazer two different ways is just well… Crazy Good!

His:  Vintage Masion Martin Margiela

Her:  Tom Ford


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