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Welcome to my personal fashion blog Fresh 2 Impress!

I’m extremely excited to share with you and receive your feedback on all things Fresh, funky, and fabulous!

I’m a professional wardrobe stylist with over 10 years of experience in the music and film industry, so I know a little about both men’s and women’s fashion… I’m also a professional television costumer and I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

I’m a bit of style chameleon. I love altering my look quite often and in this blog you will get to see my ever-changing personal style as well as others I think are “Fresh 2 Impress“. I’m often inspired by other fashionable people, so I hope in this blog we can motivate each other to continue creating and pushing fashion boundaries, in other words, keeping it Fresh as F@$k always! 😉




pronounced like Tangerine!


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